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At Daily Employee we provide daily internet work opportunities for daily pay for FREE. All training and tools to succeed are provided at NO COST to you. For further details please go to Daily Employee to request more information.

Freelance writing opportunities at suite101

  There's plenty of opportunity for aspiring writers at Suite101 offers you the opportunity to write on any subject you are passionate about while earning residual income from your articles.

 The ability to work with professional editors and a wide range of non-fiction categories offers any writer the ability to put forth their best work on a continuous basis. 

 Suite101 provides everyday topics to choose from in order to catch your interests, as well as your readers. With an open invitation to become a freelance writer at Suite101 the possibilities are absolutely available for the taking. 

Make sure to stop on by, it may just be the knock you've been waiting for.

  At you can find all sorts of resources.  Articles, tools, tips and classifieds. Resources in  categories including blogging, photography, writing, design, multimedia, web developing & programming.

  Offering insightful articles on time management, marketing resources and advice as well as a business directory and a classifieds section. 

Definitely check out for great articles and resources on any freelance opportunities you may be interested in pursuing.

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Submit NEWS & MEDIA from your iphone for money

I've come across this website  I thought it was pretty cool because you can actually get paid for the pictures you take  from your iphone and upload to And they even have a FREE iphone app!

Members can instantly purchase the pictures that you publish on Isn't that cool?

ScriptLance Freelance Programming

ScriptLance Freelance Programming

Find me on netlog

Find me on netlog

Freelance Outsourcing, freelancing opportunities

I have been on the hunt for freelance outsourcing sites. Sites that offer freelance opportunities to market all types of freelance work and jobs. These are the sites I've come across posted in various places across the world of freelance.






National Association Freelance Legal Professionals

FREELANCE IT & Technical

Mobile Blogging from here.

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Scriptlance, Freelance IT & Programmer Jobs is an outsourcing website where you can post your projects,  programming, designs, writing and marketing projects to freelancers for free. Programmers and script writers for websites are more likely to find big budget jobs up for grabs at this site.

Thousands of programmers bid on your projects at

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